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When the smile and the personal and warm attitude are an integral part of the crowded vacation program, it is no wonder that Avimor Tourism receives a particularly large number of repeat and regular customers. Experienced travelers will surely agree that no matter what attractions ) Avimor has a lot to offer tourism !

The dreamy landscapes and enormous tourist potential that exist in Romania, the Avimor family recognized immediately after the fall of the communist regime, already twenty-eight years ago, when they were the pioneers of the camp in strictly kosher tourism in Romania and thus paved the way for many more.

What is special about our vacation?

Receive rooms immediately upon arrival at the hotel

In our package everything is included and at a high level. No lowercase letters.

Rich social activity in the evenings to form the group.

In the family as in the family - the attitude is personal and warm from all the staff members.

Kosher is particularly elegant, with maximum adherence to kosher and halakhic matters.

We are the only ones offering full board.

Why choose Avimor Resort? Good thing you asked.

Unfortunately, many good ones make a decision with which company to vacation, without any prior experience or understanding, on what to actually consider.

It so happens that people arrive after the flight tired and shattered and instead of settling in the rooms immediately, resting and recovering, they are given to wait for hours and only then are they picked up in the rooms.

It so happens that a whole group of vacationers, actually travel “on their own”, because there is no planned formation activity on the long evenings.

It also happens that on the day of return they are evacuated from the rooms at an early hour and are forced to lug their luggage for hours, until the time of boarding the plane.

We will not exaggerate words, but you must already understand that “small print” has more and more meaning and that it is not right to ignore it and decide only on the basis of the price and the beautiful words in the advertisement.

So what really makes Avimor Tourism a company that is a pleasure to travel with?

The truth is that it’s terribly simple. When you come with all your heart, with the real intention of giving without account and ensuring the full and complete enjoyment of the participants, then all these small print is already taken care of in advance.

This is why in Avimor Tourism when it says “all inclusive” we really mean that everything is included – from the moment you open your eyes and go down to the sumptuous breakfast, continue with the delicious lunch, prepared by our chef and you will get it packed directly to the track, and of course the rich and varied dinner buffets. Our pampering will serve you coffee and pastries continuously for the entire day. Of course all entrance tickets are also included in the price. In short, leave your wallet at home :).

By the way, you do not wonder why no company offers a full pension except us? Well, when you do not guarantee a full pension, this is a great way to “lower” the price. But you and we both understand that this is actually a sham and the money you will have to pour out to eat something that makes sense and we have not talked about kosher which is really uncompromising, will cause the final price to go up a lot.

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