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When smiles , personal and warm attitudes are an integral part of the great vacation plan, it’s no wonder that Avimor Tourism gains an especially high number of returning and loyal customers. Experienced travelers will surely agree that, alongside the attractions offered during the vacation, excellent service and personalized attention are equally important for the trip’s success. Avimor Tourism has much to offer in all three aspects (attractions, service, and attention)!


Identifying Romania’s dreamy landscapes and immense tourism potential, the Avimor family immediately recognized this during the fall of the Communist regime twenty-eight years ago. They were pioneers in providing quality tourism training in Romania, paving the way for many others.

What's special about our vacation?

Immediate room check-in upon arrival at the hotel

In our package, everything is included at a high standard. There are no hidden fees

Rich social activities in the evening for team bonding

Like family – personal and warm treatment from all staff members

Exceptional kosher supervision with maximum attention to kosher matters and religious law

We are the only ones offering full board.

Why choose Avimor? That's a good question

We won’t say too many words, but you’ve surely understood that with ‘hidden fees,’ there’s more to it and that it’s not right to ignore that and decide only based on the price and beautiful words in the advertisement.

So, what truly makes Avimor Tourism a delightful company to travel with?

The truth is it’s terribly simple. When you come with all your heart, with a genuine intention to give without calculation and to ensure full and complete enjoyment of the participants, then all these hidden fees are already taken care of beforehand.

That’s why in Avimor Tourism when we say ‘all-inclusive,’ we truly mean it—from the moment you open your eyes and come down to the indulgent breakfast, continuing with the tasty lunch, skillfully prepared by our chef and packed directly for your tour, and of course, culminating in our rich and diverse dinner buffets, while our delightful cafeteria serves you coffee and pastries continuously throughout the day. Naturally, all entrance tickets are also included in the price. In short, leave your wallet at home :).

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