Why be afraid if you do not have to pay?

For those of you who are afraid to close …. Yes this is not a shame. But why be afraid if you do not have to pay? We are organized in a way that you will not have to ask for refunds. pay attention! In Avimor are aware of the new period created, and as long as the corona is here,

Apart from a NIS 500 registration fee , you will not pay or commit anything until you are sure!

After your request, we will return with the offer that matches your aspiration, and for a very basic fee, you will secure your place.

In any case where the vacation will not take place, God forbid, due to the caravan virus, you will not be forced to pay at all


Avimor in the shadow of the corona

The implications of the corona on the world of tourism did not pass us by …, we also had to cancel the Passover holiday, and the summer holidays that followed.

But our company took this as a challenge, we were prepared to provide service to our customers, while preparing for any situation, we know today better than ever to respond to any situation,

So you dear guests will not feel any limitation in one way or another.

Every vacation you register will be accompanied by the “Avimor” team from the moment you register until your safe return from the vacation, from the vacation arrangement, plan, insurance company, corona checks, transfers, safe and enjoyable stay at our hotel, and the process of returning to Israel.

So all you have left is to secure your place.

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