2022 Ski Vacation

Avimor Tourism is happy to invite you to a dreamy winter vacation in endless serenity at the foot of snowy mountains, in a luxurious hotel with huge rooms, rich culinary system, and treats like only we know how to pamper! Packages of 3-4 nights filled with a magical atmosphere , And a team that has no competitors, we have prepared for you a vacation that has no shortage of moments …, at the height of winter, and in the middle of a routine, all of course together with a culinary investment that only those who would know …, with us there is no such thing as a half board, because “a real vacation You must have a full pension “, you only have to contact us, hence all our worries, hurry up and register for a limited amount.
pay attention ! Registration for ski vacations is for the vaccinated and recovering only.

All with the familiar and beloved staff.
Looking forward to you !!!

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