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Jeep trips



Recreation and leisure center with: bowling, climbing wall, table tennis, mini golf.

horseback riding

The largest extreme ropes park in Europe


Hiking trails are arranged within the forest

Modern shopping centers


Seven Ladders Park

Riding horse-drawn carriages

Some of our trips


We will drive on a charming green scenic road along the river and the Prahova Valley towards the town of Sinia. There we will visit the invading palace of the richest and most beautiful palaces in Europe. We will visit the Predeal at its ski resort, ascend by open cable car to the summit of Mount Calibuchet, enjoy a fascinating view of the Predeal and the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains.


We will drive south towards the town of Slanik. We will descend to a depth of 200 m underground in minibuses and visit the largest and largest salt mine in Europe. We will continue towards Lake Paltino and the large dam that was built in the 70s for the purpose of generating electricity. We will drive along the lake and observe its beauty on the Doptana Valley. We will descend the southern slopes of the Carpathian ridge through the village of Skaria, the town of Komernik and the Prahova Valley.


We will drive west to the city of Pegrash, where we will see from the outside the old and abandoned synagogue because not a single Jew is left in the city. We will visit the oldest and only fortress in Romania surrounded by a moat where the swans sail for their enjoyment. We will continue our journey west and start climbing to the peaks of the Carpathians – the highest pagras in Romania. We will take the cable car to the snowy and cold summit where we will visit a hotel, a pub, igloo houses – all made of ice !!!


Take a guided and guided tour of it. We will see the Arc de Triomphe, the Revolution Square, the huge People’s Palace, one of the largest malls in Europe, its beautiful boulevards and squares Romania , and more as time allows.

In Old Brasov

We will tour it with its walls, alleys, squares and picturesque promenade. We will visit the large and impressive synagogue, Spatuloi Square and take a free tour of the famous pedestrian zone. Take the short cable car to Mount Tampa for a spectacular view of the Old City

Old Rashnov

We will get on the tractor-drawn carriages, and take a fascinating tour of the time tunnel into the 14th century. We will continue from there towards the steep and picturesque Rashnov Canyon while taking a short walk down the side of the creek.

Romania in the taste of yesteryear

The famous Saxon fortress from the 14th century Bran is mistakenly attributed to Dracula, where we will also visit the colorful souvenir market. We will drive on a mountain road that winds between spectacular villages and Swiss landscapes and between the peaks of the Pietra-Craiolui Mountains and the Bouchej Mountains. We will stop in the village of Dembovichuara. There we will experience the simple daily life of the locals in the taste of yesteryear

The Red Lake

We will observe a fascinating forest road ride in the Regita Mountains as we pass the resort and spa town of Tushnad towards the Red Lake, a unique phenomenon of a lake created in 1837 as a result of the collapse of the nearby mountain that blocked the continued flow of the Bikaz River. We will continue and enter the deep and impressive canyon Kayla Bikaz which is also created by the Bikaz River. On our way back, if time allows, we will visit the synagogue in George.

Sibiu Ice Hotel

When we climb the cable car to the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, around the Pegras Mountains, at the summit we reach one of the most spectacular ice hotels in Europe,

There is nothing that will leave you with such a great impression and experience as a steaming cup of tea on the ice table.

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