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A dream skiing holiday in the Carpathian Mountains Romania from December 2022 to March 2023

From the legend

Prestigious Passover holiday at the Aerolios Hotel in Poina Brasov


A dreamy summer vacation in the shadow of the mountains
The Carpathians

Avimor Tourism and Recreation

When prestige, reliability, and quality meet, it’s just Avimor.
The Avimor holiday family has the largest experience in the foreign tourism industry, year after year with thousands of satisfied customers. With us, everything starts right from the small details.
31 years of tourism, have made us, that service, responsibility, and reliability are above all.
Our company specializes in producing holidaymakers at the highest level in Europe in general and in Romania in particular, 10 groups a year. From the uncompromising choice of hotels, staff, chefs, and the entire culinary system. With us only you are the leading guests. So … pack and we’ll just take care of the rest …
Or in short … when you want to meet the integrity of everything without worries, you choose the best of them all, the Avimor family.
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The hotel

The hotel

The vacation location is without a doubt one that will leave you with a taste of more. Facing breathtaking views, endless serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but completely close to the most sought after resorts, and some of the largest shopping centers in Romania.



The chefs, the cooks, the confectioners, Everyone as a family is carefully selected. Do not bring anything from the country! It will just stay in the suitcase and too bad ....

Kosher without compromise

Kosher without compromise

Our company invests huge resources p., Create a vacation full of experiences and without any compromises, Supervised by Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein Shlita

The content and the atmosphere

The content and the atmosphere

For the experience and atmosphere at Avimor, whoever would not understand ..., every evening and his program, we take care of programs that will suit the whole family. Musical performances, artists, lectures, activities, and more ...,

a winning team

a winning team

In Avimor as in the family, In each of the team members you will meet: experience, knowledge, and a complete answer.


The trips

The hiking program is complex after consultation with the veteran and experienced guides of the "Avimor" family. When the emphasis is on adapting the trips to the composition of the group, each day and its experience.

ski vacation

A dreamy winter vacation in endless serenity at the foot of snowy mountains
Combined packages, ski school, accommodation and accommodation in a villa from Beit Aviemore, trips, a strictly kosher restaurant, contact us and we will tailor the exact vacation for you

3-4 full nights in a magical atmosphere

3 cycles, English-speaking ski instructors, equipment, and close training.

Registration for winter 2023 has begun

Passover holiday

When prestige, reliability and quality meet – it’s only “Avimor”. We invite you to reserve your place. There is nothing like a warm winter with a fancy Passover vacation at the end!

The Passover vacation consists of 2 types of packages: 10 nights, 12 nights. Departures: on 4/14/23 13 Nissan TSHFG Rehearsals: 4/14/23 23 Nissan, 4/16/23 25 Nissan TSHFG.

All you have to do is leave us details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

Summer vacation 2023

The summer of 2015 has already passed and in BAZ we are preparing for the future, those of you who plan yourself well should be impressed, and secure your place.
Hotel with huge rooms – the smallest room 60 sqm, one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Romania, and a huge spa complex
Most experienced guides in the whole area, all tours are included in the tour package. Full board 3 meals,

Strictly kosher than mehadrin


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