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Hello Rachel!

It must have landed a bit from the rush of vacations in Romania. And you can read things comfortably.
It was one of the best vacations we had. There is nothing to say about the conditions. The hotel is unparalleled anywhere.
The overall plan and atmosphere was exceptional.
The tours and explanations of the guide Meir Sela were very special when he spiced up the explanations with amusing language.
The Sabbath was a very special and very pleasant experience.
We returned from Romania full and happy and for that we have to say to you except thank you very much. A valiant woman proud of you and happy that we were part of the guests.
Every good is full of happy and blessed New Year greetings.

Ms. Rosenblum Gross Marinberg

Congratulations to Rachel Avimor!

The Passover holiday at the Everlios Hotel in Poiana Brasov, Romania was carried out above and beyond our expectations. Already at the beginning of the holiday we saw the attention and concern for every detail. The orderly organization, meeting the schedule and exemplary hospitality. Everything knocked like clockwork.
The instructors were professional and courteous. The hotel staff and waiters were attentive to any need in a surprisingly friendly manner.
We thank you for the successful experience and enjoyment you gave us this year, Pesach 5777.
We will surely be good ambassadors for you.
Yashar Koach and who will give and multiply professionals like you in the tourism industry.
Regards and thanks,

Menachem, Joan and Shai in the Av Beit Din

I have not yet encountered a team dedicated to the whole soul and very much to the guests. The relentless interest in everything that happens to us and a genuine concern for all our needs. Advice on everything we needed on our private trips in finding a driver, guiding routes and resorts for our next trip. There are no words to describe our enjoyment of it in the amazing vacation with the Avimor team – the pampering food trips, the entertainment programs and the warm and embracing attitude that will not be forgotten! Strengthen and embrace. In it promise to return! With great love and appreciation

Kalman and Dalia Wolowski

To: “Dear Mama Rochel” – from Abby Moore! “What a corner full of singing and our lips praised” … We had a stunning week, how much we will talk and we will add – Ilaa the writer to write … Spectacular views, special trips, your special face light – and of the team of guides to the Sela family home. The special licorice, the glorious chefs – a huge thank you. Love and appreciate

The Pur Ashdod family and the Moshe Gan-Yavne family

You do not have much power over the message you sent to customers. I will personally take care of sending and distributing it on every social network to show the world that you do business anyway, well done !!!

צ. Cohen

Thank you dear Moshe for the hot phone
There is definitely nothing like ‘The Avimor Family’!
And we do not just want to come back to you again and again …

IB Jerusalem

Hey ,

How are you ? In all the chaos, I wondered in my heart where I would find you? And I was really surprised when all the people of Israel are busy preparing for the holiday and closing …. !!!! Happy holiday.

Avi. M

Greetings . We would like to commend the respectful treatment we received from you, you are an example of warm and caring customer service, and I wish everyone would learn from you

Sincerely, The Gerry Family …..

The J. family. third…..

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