Summer vacation 2024

Aurelius Hotel Poiana 

Summer 2024

Summer in the Carpathian Mountains with Avimor Tourism.

It is advisable to reserve your summer vacation with Avimor Tourism now

We are pleased to present to you the 2024 summer vacation

The summer of 2023, with the support from above, has passed with hundreds of happy guests and unforgettable experiences. These days, the plans for the summer of 2024 are on the registration table, and you are invited to secure your spot for a vacation that lasts all year long

The vacation at the Aurelius Hotel in Poiana Brașov is one of the most magnificent in all of Romania.

Amidst mountains, facing breathtaking landscapes, the hotel situated on a lake offers an escape from the race of life. With luxurious rooms, a unique culinary experience, a giant spa complex, three pools, a free cafeteria, nightly appearances by artists, and music every evening – everything is included with no added fees
A meticulously planned itinerary, warm meals even during excursions, All under the meticulous supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Borstein, shlita, at Avimor, we prepare for you a vacation that will compensate and leave you refreshed for a long time, “in the shadow of the mountains,” amidst the chirping of birds, facing the mountainous landscapes. We will relax and exchange strength,

At the Aurelius Hotel, in luxurious rooms, with a giant spa complex! Three pools, a gym  evening programs

our vacation pacages

Wednesday To Wednesday, 14/08/24-21/08/24

Wednesday To Wednesday, 21/08/24-28/08/24

Wednesday To Wednesday, 28/08/24-04/09/24

All that’s left for you is to choose the date and pack!



The town of Poiana 

Is located 15 km above the city of Brasov, the third-largest city in Romania, this picturesque town nestled in the Carpathian Mountains faces Mount Tampa, renowned as the most painted town in Romania. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant local market, captivating attractions, and an abundance of hiking trails, it’s a destination of unparalleled beauty. The town offers various activities, including cable cars, bowling, AVT rides, and more, ensuring a diverse and exciting experience for visitors

what does the pacage include ?

Everything is included!


Significant investment in top artists from within the country and abroad. Events and performances every evening.

Luxurious hotel

Our hotel, Aurelius, is one of the most luxurious and renowned in all of Romania, featuring spacious rooms, a unique spa complex, and expansive areas, centrally located in the heart of the city


Flights and departures at convenient hours and without additional fees, all so you can return satisfied.

Half board

Meals are overseen by a top-notch chef, offering a lunchtime wrap station


You're our guests from the moment you finish packing... We'll meet you at the airport in Israel, and in the morning transfers in modern and comfortable buses, of course, with light refreshments at the airport

Culinary experience

Two Israeli chefs, two Israeli pastry chefs, a complimentary cafeteria available to you all day, and many more indulgences

High-quality kosher

The high-quality and meticulous kosher certification by Rabbi S. Bornstein, under the supervision of a conscientious and devout supervisor present at the hotel at all times

Free spa

A huge spa center, 3 swimming pools, a Gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi, as well as the option to receive high-level massage treatments at reasonable prices


& confectionery

By the hands of our Israeli chefs and confectioners, you will experience a taste sensation which you won’t find in any other place 

Our cooking experience will leave a deep impression, as our kitchen team is committed to providing you with the highest level of meals. The meal package includes three meals a day, with holiday meals, gourmet dinners, BBQ evenings, and a variety of flavors.

A winning confectioner at the dessert table with a high level of skill, thinking about every detail that will make the meal a unique experience  A free cafeteria 24/7, and a cooking experience that will leave you craving for more…

Attractions and Trips

The reason for so many years at the Aurelius Hotel is also because of the many opportunities to travel, explore, and see.

Firstly, it’s important to know that most tourist sites in Romania are located within an hour’s drive from our hotel, and there are endless attractions and experiences that will leave you wanting more and more…

Our company has made a great effort and exploration of all the possibilities available to you in order to make your vacation one that will be deeply etched in your hearts for many years.

Here, you’ll get a glimpse of the variety at your disposal in the upcoming summer of 2024.


There are Several cable cars accessible around the hotel.

They are located at the ski resort within a 5-minute walk from the hotel. and continues to Mount Tampa in Brasov, another cable car on the Rasnov slope, and proceed to the ice hotel in the Pargash Mountains. Our dedicated guides will be able to recommend the best options for you

The Gymboree in Brasov

A beautiful and well-maintained enclosed and heated facility for children up to 14-15 Not overly large but definitely a great experience with climbing walls, obstacles, caves, challenges, and more


There's an open area for self-driving on ATV's located at the entrance of Poiana Brașov. It's a fast and intense experience

Zip lines and more

Within a breathtaking Swiss-like landscape, approximately 30 minutes, 10 kilometers away from Bran Castle, lies a new, massive park offering zip lines, mountain biking, mountain slides, bobsleds, skiing options, and more. It's worth considering allocating at least 5 hours for a visit to the park.

The Dinosaur Park

A park nestled within a forest featuring scattered gigantic dinosaur replicas—some moving—alongside children's playgrounds. The park is located along the route descending from Poiana Brasov to Rasnov, about a 15-minute drive from our hotel

Jeep tours

In our area, there is a large number of options for Jeep tours by the hour, as well as day trips. The highly recommended place with many satisfied guests is in Bran, a 25-minute drive from our hotel. A 3-4 hour trip, an exciting journey between villages in breathtaking landscapes, canyons, waterfalls, and streams—a powerful experience that you won't forget for a long time. Please note, the jeeps are for self-driving – for every 4 guests, there will be a driver with a manual transmission license.


Paintball in Bran is an extraordinary experience simulating combat scenarios. The paintball field is located in an open area with vivid scenery that makes it hard not to get immersed in the action


High-speed karting for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Racing cars that reach incredibly high speeds on long and twisty tracks, including a professional course—one of the largest in Europe. Located about 40 minutes from the hotel on the outskirts of Brasov


Near our hotel, there is a closed compound with a variety of activities and experiences for the whole family. It's a large place with many pool and snooker tables, bowling lanes, seating areas, climbing walls, and more...


An experiential and enjoyable off-road course in the stunning landscapes of Poyana and Baran, for a self-driving and intense experience. The rangers are located at the entrance to Baran (a 25-minute drive by car or taxi from the hotel)


We'll ascend with the pilots to the summit of Mount Roshov via an open cable car. Once there, together with the pilots, we'll experience a once-in-a-lifetime secured parachuting, where beneath us, we'll behold breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains (approximately 15 minutes from takeoff to landing). Following that, you'll receive via email the photos and videos from the parachuting

Brasov Zoo

Great for a visit with young children. Located on the outskirts of the city near a beautiful forest (a 3-minute walk from the Ropes Park in Baran). Suitable for strollers and walking. In the park's center, there's a playground for kids. The place has lions, tigers, bears, deer, camels, and more... This zoo is renowned for its diverse collection of lions.

7 Ladders Canyon Park

The challenging trail for hikers, the entire route including the Omega estimated at about 4 hours. Challenging... but a rewarding experience. A large mall carved in limestone, with steps and intricate paths leading to seven different waterfalls. The steps vary in height from 2.52 meters to 15 meters - the highest. Cost: 10 Lei for adults, 5 Lei for children

Horseback riding

Equine Center at the entrance to Poiana Brasov, offering horseback riding for all ages, both beginners and advanced riders. Various trails with different lengths and levels of difficulty. Option for riding on horseback or in a carriage

Aventura Parc Dragus

An experience you shouldn't miss. The challenging park is located about fifteen minutes' drive from the city of Brasov, near Lake Nia. It's a thrilling park suitable for children, adults, and the whole family. Entry to the park requires payment. The park offers various facilities with different difficulty levels on five courses tailored to visitors' ages. There are points for Omega rides above water sources and the lake, a 300-meter slide, a family attraction suitable for all ages that you just can't miss


Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

We'll visit Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) from the 14th century, located in the town of Bran on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania. You'll also have free time to wander around the large and colorful tourist market

Horse farm

One of the most beautiful farms in this region, adjacent to the water channel, facing breathtaking views. We'll embark on a guided personal riding experience for about half an hour, explore the place, and get to know the surroundings...

Ice Hotel Sibiu

When we ascend by cable car to the summits of the Carpathian Mountains, around the peaks of Pagaresh Mountains, at the top, we'll reach one of the magnificent ice hotels in Europe. Nothing will leave you with such a great impression and experience like a cup of tea from on an ice table

The taste of tradition in Romania

A famous 14th-century Saxon fortress in Bran, mistakenly attributed to Dracula, where we'll also visit the exotic souvenir market. We'll travel on winding mountain roads amid villages and stunning Swiss-like landscapes between the peaks of the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains. We'll stop at the village of Dâmbovicioara, experiencing the simple everyday life of the locals with a taste of tradition

The Red Lake

You'll witness on a fascinating ride through the forest roads of the Râșnov Mountains as we pass by the resort town and the Tusnad Spa towards the Red Lake, a unique phenomenon created in 1837 due to the collapse of the nearby mountain that blocked the flow of the Bicaz River, forming the lake. We'll continue into the deep and impressive Bicaz Canyon, also formed by the Bicaz River. On our way back, if time allows, we'll visit the Georgenstadt Synagogue

The Old Town of Brasov

We'll stroll through its walls, streets, squares, and picturesque promenade. We'll visit the impressive Great Synagogue, Spatolu Square, and freely explore the famous promenade. Then, a short cable car ride up Mount Tempe for a breathtaking view of the old city

Old Rasnov

We'll ascend to it by the cable cars of Mount Tâmpa, and there we'll have an intriguing tour in the Time Tunnel back to the 14th century. From there, we'll continue towards the scenic and picturesque Rasnov Fortress, following a short walk down its slope by the stream


We'll conduct a guided and organized tour. We'll see the Triumphal Arch, Revolution Square, the Giant People's Palace, one of Europe's largest shopping malls, its streets, and the beautiful squares of Romania's capital, and anything else if time permits


We'll travel west to the city of Pagrash , where from the outside, we'll see the old and abandoned synagogue since not a single Jew remains in the city. We'll circle the ancient fortress, the only one in Romania surrounded by a moat where the beavers swim for their enjoyment. Continuing westward, we'll begin to climb the peaks of the Carpathians – the highest Pagrash mountains in Romania. We'll ascend by cable car to the snowy and freezing peak where we'll visit a hotel, a pub, and igloo houses - all made of ice!!!


We'll travel south towards the town of Slănic. Descending 200 meters below ground in minibusses, we'll visit the giant and largest salt mine in Europe. We'll continue towards Lake Polyfytos and the dam constructed in the 1970s for electricity generation. We'll travel along the lake and witness its beauty overlooking the Dupnitsa Valley. Descending the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains through the village of Skriath, the town of Komarnik, and the Prakhova Valley


We'll travel on a picturesque and green road along the river and the Prăjova Valley towards the town of Sinaia. There, we'll visit Peleș Castle, one of the richest and most beautiful palaces in Europe. We'll also visit Prahova Valley at its ski resort, ascend by open cable car to the top of Mount Cotârcea, and enjoy a fascinating view over Prahova and the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains

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Thank you very much for an amazing day, and the most special thing about you that stands out and we highly appreciate is your availability and the smiles every moment we see you...
The Steinberg Family
Thank you so much for the exceptional hospitality! We had a great time; it was an amazing vacation... with a taste for more
Sarit Levi
I take this opportunity to thank you for the unique experience and for your amazing investment in every detail, down to the smallest ones. Also, for the wonderful atmosphere
Rabbi Zvi Inbal
Thank you for the generous, warm, diverse, and delicious hospitality! 💐
Etti Tzvi Madzik
After nearly twenty years of various hotel experiences and atmospheres, it was only last year that I knew where I would be this year by choice, and not due to lack of options.
Yossi Dushnitsky

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